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Entrepreneurship is often touted as the best way to live your life. You get to work from home, be your own boss, and work only when you feel like it …

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Become the best version of yourself  with the Bellytox Lifestyle products! Our main product the Bellytox Tea cleanses the body from within by ac…

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Dating is online, working is web based, shopping is online – and why should personal training be any different? With the average work day getting lon…

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Get back to your quintessential self through our  Bellytox tea, which detoxifies your body , giving it a nutritious boost while it burns and flu…

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This Combo consists of Oats with Cranberries and Capsicum, Chia Seeds and Bellytox Tea. The  tea cleanses the body from within by acting as a di…

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The Bellytox Sweat Belt is ergonomically designed to be put on tight around your stomach.It works by insulating your tummy area, raising your core in…

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  • Helps lose bellyfat as high protein promotes fat oxidation and fat loss
  • Helps keep one feel full for long to avoid oversnacking which results in weigh…

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The Bellytox Starter Pack is the ultimate fat burner, consisting of all the products which will make the start of the fat loss journey smooth.



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The Belllytox Duo consists of the Bellytox Sweatbelt and Bellytox Tea.

The Bellytox Sweat Belt is ergonomically designed to be put on tight around you…

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“A man can fail many times; but he isn’t a failure until he begins to blame somebody else."  ~~  John Burroughs

Here’s the deal… …

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From a Radiographer to a Financial Market trader picture


As a medical radiographer by profession, never in a million world would I have thought I would talk or yet even grasp anything about the world …

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Why I cherry-picked discipline over motivation! picture


“Only the disciplined are truly free.  The undisciplined are slaves to moods, appetites, and passions.”  — Stephen Covey

I like to thi…

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Bellytox Lifestyle is a Social Movement. Its more than just a Fitness and Health brand. It’s a Lifestyle, a conversation starter, a set of core values. It’s a promise to oneself, that I will live up to my potential and become the best version of myself. When you purchase an item from Bellytox, it’s…

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Tendai Nyangari picture

Tendai Nyangari

Founder C.E.O ( Phd Scholar-UJ,MCom,BCom,Dip PM,Business Certificates)

Kudzai Harare picture

Kudzai Harare

Chief Financial Officer ( BSc-Radiography, CR,CT)

Salome Nyangari picture

Salome Nyangari

Chief Risk Officer ( Phd Student-UQ,MSc,PGD-PM,BSC)

Zelda Nyangari picture

Zelda Nyangari

Chief Procurement Officer ( MSc-In Progress,PGD-PM,BCom)

Cleopatra Mushonga Nyangari picture

Cleopatra Mushonga Nyangari

Chief Executive Officer ( Phd Student-CPUT,Msc,BBA,IT Certifications)


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